How to slow down time in asana? Holding it while counting the breaths / Ashtanga Refining alignment / Bowspring Remaining present within the transition / Dynamic Mindfulness Sensing the living, moving body / Body-Mind Centering


Entering a 160 sqm studio, clean wooden floor. 30 people rolling, crawling, pulsing. Talking about embryological foundations of movement, embodying them, becoming a starfish. Then dancing freeform.

The quality of movement changes depending on whether it’s initiated from my spine or the limbs, from the distal segment of my small finger, or the base of my thumb, either sensing the softness of my toe pads, or the stability of the heel.

Body-Mind-Centering Training with Nina Wehnert (75 hrs) / Jan-Jun ’19 / Berlin


Favourite yoga pose: Sponge, soaking it all in. What contemporary lenses reveal about body politics and the social dynamics in a class setting; understanding affirmative consent and trauma awareness.

Discussing the value of going beyond traditional teachings and integrating fascia science and biomechanics into yoga. Practising sequences that encompass active mobility, cross-lateral patterning, and three-dimensional expansion.

Pulsing and bouncing. And finally, reflecting on what we actually teach – and if this is enabling self-reliance and a sense of agency.

Dynamic Mindfulness Advanced Training with Tatjana Mesar , Matthew Remski, Diana Thielen, and others (300 hrs, RYS) / since Apr ’19 / Berlin


Circumferentially expanding the ribcage, engaging the myofascial chain on the backside of the body, untucking the tailbone, bringing the natural curves back into the spine. Functional hoppings. Rooting down, rising up, maintaining joint integrity.

Practising a series of postures and alignment principles that are radically different from traditional yoga. “Imagine this is an African dance class. This is not ballett.”

Bowspring Deep Dive + Weekend Intensives (total 65 hrs) with Desi Springer and John Friend / May ’19, Apr ’18, Jul ’17 / Berlin, Palma


Boarding a plane to see the volcanos, and to learn how to teach yoga. Sunrise in the rice fields. Following a 3.5-hour yoga morning routine for 28 days. Post-lunch chants and lectures on yogic philosophy from Dr. Ganesh.

Practising the Modified Primary Series twice a day, holding each pose for five breaths, synchronising movement with the breath. Studying Sanskrit at night.

Intense on all levels, providing me with a solid foundation in traditional alignment, mental focus, and a strengthening sequence to return to when structure, steadiness and predictability are what I need.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training with Vari Morales and Marcela Mota (200 hrs, RYS) / Aug ’16 / Ubud


“Nori’s class is a breath of fresh air: genuine, unpretentious and informative. Enjoyable if you are either familiar with yoga – I like it as a space to just let go, feel and have some guidance without restriction to add creative flair if I want – but it is also structured and knowledgeable enough for beginners. This is what yoga is about. Highly recommended.”